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Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network (UCENet)

The purpose of this Network is to promote international spam enforcement cooperation and address spam related problems, such as online fraud and deception, phishing, and dissemination of viruses. The participants also open the Action Plan for participation by other interested government and public agencies, and by appropriate private sector representatives, as a way to expand the network of entities engaged in spam enforcement cooperation.

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Do Not Call List, General

ACMA report on industry self-regulation of commercial electronic numbers, the Do Not Call Register and the Integrated Public Number Database

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a Report on industry self-regulation of commercial electronic messages, the Do Not Call Register and the Integrated Public Number Database. The Report was provided to the Australian Government in response to Recommendation 6 of the ACMA Review. The Report was informed by two pieces of research commissioned by the… Read more »


2017 UCENet Affiliate Marketing Sweep Report

This report presents an overview of the findings obtained from the UCENet Sweep that was conducted in June and July 2017. This year the sweep theme was affiliate marketing. The purpose of the sweep was to identify entities within this sector that are conducting activities that are potentially non-compliant with the unsolicited communication regimes of… Read more »

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